Regional Adoption Agencies Working Together

Adoption England strives to support and strengthen adoption practice and services across the country.

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What is a RAA?

A Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) brings together specialised adoption professionals from local authorities across a region, providing expertise and support at every stage of the adoption process. RAA’s offer a new, innovative, and collaborative approach to recruiting adopters, finding families for the children with a plan for adoption in their region and providing long-term adoption support for families. 

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Children who need adopting

All adopted children are different but all will have experienced separation and loss and many will have experienced a level of abuse or neglect in their earlier childhoods. Children come from a variety of different backgrounds with a range of needs, personalities and abilities, vulnerabilities and some have disabilities. All the children need a permanent home to enable them to make the most of life's opportunities. The Adoption process is designed to be fair and inclusive, If you can provide a safe, stable, loving home for a child, chances are you can adopt.

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