Linking and matching

Family finding for children and matching them with adopters is a crucial part of a child’s journey to adoption

National Practice Standards for Matching

Adoption England National Practice Standards for Matching ( PDF, 4.07 MB)

Benefits for children

Improved and speedier permanency opportunities through early, consistent, and accurate assessment of matching and placement needs.

Greater placement stability earlier - placement and better understanding of children’s support needs.

Earlier attachments, reducing impacts of trauma and loss and improving life outcomes.

Providing the Best possible permanency opportunity for all children in the system by ensuring those likely to wait longer are identified earlier and family finding plans put in place.

Reducing delay for children by Diversifying the regional pool of adopters.

Benefits for adoptive families

Greater placement stability from tailored, informed adoption support packages secured at the point of placement

Increased equality of opportunity in finding the right match through coordinated national family finding (adds value to regional approaches to matching for children who wait longer).

Confidence to come forward to adopt due to greater transparency within the system

Adopters more more aware of the needs of children waiting and better prepared to meet them.

More Timely matching and placement leading to earlier attachments.

AFDiT Framework

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