Training and webinars

Adoption England hosts training and webinar sessions to improve adoption practice for professionals

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Transracial Adoption

Responding to the diversity challenge. This training is delivered by Yoni Ejo, founder of Diversity Adopt, and discusses transracial adoption and tools for adopters and practitioners to consider in these circumstances. Yoni offers approaches which give adopters the right tools to support a child in relation to the their identity. Within the webinar Yoni talks about how to use play to support and explore identity.

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Lunch & Learn: LGBTQ+ Adoption

This session is designed to enhance understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals experience of adoption by hearing directly from the community in regards to the impact of micro-aggressions, and unconscious bias. This session aims to provide a valuable opportunity to explore prejudice experiences, understand the impact they have on individuals and their communities, and develop strategies to address exclusion within adoption.

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Lunch & Learn: Understanding care-experienced young people’s intersectional identities, through their stories

This session is designed to enhance understanding of intersectionality by hearing the voices of over 20 care-experienced children and young people from minoritised backgrounds. The purpose is to ensure frontline social workers have a stronger understanding of the complex identities and needs of children and young people as they journey through care.

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Lunch & Learn | Embracing diversity: supporting trans, non-binary, and gender diverse adopters

By the end of this session, viewers will be better equipped to support and celebrate the unique strengths of trans, non-binary and gender diverse adopters. Embracing diversity is not only an ethical imperative but also an enriching opportunity that benefits children waiting to be adopted. Watch this important training session and help make adoption a more inclusive and equitable experience for all.

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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Family finding and adoption assessment – key considerations in relation to diversity and good practice

This session focuses on the challenges facing transracially adopted children and parents from the perspective of a transracial adoptee and adopter. During the session, Yoni emphasises the importance of diversity and good practice in adoption. She discusses key considerations and provides adopters with tools to support a child's identity. Yoni also shares how play can be used to explore and support a child's identity.

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